OpenMoko FreeRunner Reviewed

OpenMoko FreeRunner Reviewed 1
OpenMoko FreeRunner Reviewed. Monochrome Mentality has a nice review for OpenMoko FreeRunner. OpenMoko FreeRunner comes with a simple and elegant packaging compared to the Neo1973 shipping. For users of the Neo1973, there are two significant visible differences. First, the band around the sides is now black.

The AUX and POWER buttons are transluent on the Freerunner because the Freerunner has incorporated 3 colored LED's into the hardware to provide traditional visual cues that many people expect in a mobile device.

On the Freerunner, only the SIM card is slide lock. The device could boot via USB and a dead battery to allow fast charge mode instead of having to wait an hour like you do with a "sleeping" Neo1973.
OpenMoko FreeRunner Reviewed 2
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