Oregon Trail Mobile Game announced by Gameloft

Oregon Trail Mobile Game by Gameloft
In partnership with The Learning Company, Gameloft announced the launch of the award-winning title, the Oregon Trail, to mobile handsets. This marks the first re-make of the educational title which has previously only been available on PCs. Modernized graphics coupled with other new features, allows Gameloft's the Oregon Trail to feel very contemporary, while staying true to the original storyline.

Players assume the role of a wagon leader and must make strategic decisions to ensure the safety of their party along the treacherous Oregon Trail route. Fans of the game will recall the customizable aspects such as naming family members and selecting professions which are all included in the new version along with added features.

Oregon Trail Mobile Game Features
+ Select your profession: Banker, Carpenter, Farmer; choose your crew by customizing the names.
+ Five different mini-games help to break up your long journey and allows you improve your health and safety through hunting, rafting, fishing, crossing the river and repairing your wagon.
+ Unpredictable occurrences such as hitchhikers, robbers, bandits, increase the challenge along the route; strategy and smart decision-making enables you to minimize the damage.

Oregon Trail Mobile Game by Gameloft is available now across most US carriers. To check the game's availability with your carrier, text "WAGON" to 82174 on your mobile phone.
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