Sony Ericsson J132, K330

Sony Ericsson J132, K330
Sony Ericsson J132, K330. Two new entry-level phones, Sony Ericsson K330 and J132 were just announced. With superb talk and standby times, torch functions and FM Radio the J132 does the basics well. Add the camera and Bluetooth™ functions to the K330 and you get further features on an equally straightforward phone. The two new candy-bar phones are designed with simplicity and value for money in mind.
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Sony Ericsson J132 is a talk and text phone with FM radio and stereo hands free kit; the solid feel and dust-resistant keypad make it an ideal everyday companion. Everything about the J132 is uncomplicated. Its clear and bright screen coupled with its one-click shortcuts and easy-to-use navigation key means that you are ready to text, search for a number or access the FM radio without fuss. This cellphone sports a dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz) radio, color screen, FM radio, torch function and a dust-resistant keypad. If the J132 will support GSM 900/1800 frequencies, the J132a for US markets will support GSM 850/1900.

Sony Ericsson J132 will be available in "Night Black" and "Heaven Blue" in selected markets from Q4 2008.
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Sony Ericsson K330 is a clear-cut camera phone with video capture and Bluetooth™ sharing. This phone also offers FM radio listening via speakerphone or stereo headset. K330 with its 1.7’’ display enables users to capture video and photos, plus share them easily via Bluetooth™ with another phone or Bluetooth™ enabled device. K330’s storage is available for up to 250 photos or 12 minutes of video footage, making it the perfect pocket photo album. Since the K330 supports Bluetooth™ it can easily be teamed up with handy accessories such as the new Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ headsets HBH-PV715, 720 and 740. The K330 will support GSM/GPRS 900/1800 and the K330a: GSM/GPR 850/1900.

Sony Ericsson K330 will be available in "Gold on Black" and "Green on Black," again in selected markets from Q3 2008.
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