XPERIA X1 Hands-on

XPERIA X1 Hands-on 1
XPERIA X1 Hands-on. Following on the last XPERIA X1 More Pictures we already saw, Recently, Boy Genius has posted their own hands-on review of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. It looks like that the most anticipated Sony Ericsson's smartphone represents high marks for its features, though Sony Ericsson, for the first time, has entered into the Windows Mobile market.

This XPERIA brand comes with an optical joystick, wide 800×480 WVGA display, Windows Mobile 6.1, and also UMTS/HSDPA which will make wireless data transfers a breeze.

Nevertheless, Boy Genius's pre-production version of the XPERIA X1 (the software) tended to run a little slow. Even so, in most tasks, it performs very well. The sliding QWERTY keyboard is apparently not as easy to use. Yeah, since it isn't the final production unit, and we're waiting for it, you may want to check these interesting photos of XPERIA X1 hands-on. Images follow after the jump.

XPERIA X1 Hands-on 2
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