AT&T Samsung BlackJack II in Blue and Pink

AT&T Samsung BlackJack II in Blue and Pink 2
AT&T Samsung BlackJack II in Blue and Pink. AT&T has announced that Samsung BlackJack II will be available in Ocean Blue and Romantic Pink. There are also decorative designs on the back of the QWERTY-enabled smartphone.

Windows Mobile 6.1 update will hit the new BlackJack II before the end of 2008. Ocean Blue and Romantic Pink BlackJack II is available for $99 when purchased with new 2-year contract and mail-in rebates.

AT&T Samsung BlackJack II in Blue and Pink 2

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10 comments on "AT&T Samsung BlackJack II in Blue and Pink"

terry h. said...

this phone is awesome more ppl should bye it i've had it for 2 years now and it is the best!!!!!!!!

buy it i'm serious!!!

victoria said...

Is this phone avaliable for verizon wire less carriers

jacklyn said...

No it is not so Victoria

lucinda said...

when is it available for sale in the uk in pink or blue ? x

Amanda said...

Can you get it on Verizon or not?

Tiease said...

i am getting this phone very soon this week. WHOO HOOO!!!!!! YEAH!!! OH BABY!!!!!!

hollyyyy. :) said...

This phone is amazing.
I'm 15 and i got it for Christmas.
it's greattt.
At first I didn't like it but now
I absolutely love it.
although sometines when i press
the end key it comes up as an "s"
can i take it back and get that fixedd?



Kitty Cat said...

Is this phone easy to text with?
Are the keys small and hard to push?

allie said...

it is very easy to txt w/.
itmay look hard but its not

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