BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel?

BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel?
BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel? We've recently just heard a new rumor that a new BlackBerry for Nextel's iDEN network is reportedly being prepared by Research In Motion. If that's true, we can expect the WiFi-enabled BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel by the end of the year 2008, or probably in early 2009.

Although this mobile phone is not so great as Blackberry Bold or BlackBerry Thunder, this would be an awesome phone if they did that for some people, they may be already waiting for this Curve to be available for iDEN network users. Stay tuned
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2 comments on "BlackBerry Curve 8350 for Nextel?"

Troy said...

Release date for the New Blackberry Curve 8350i will be released 12/01/09.It will be $149.99 after a $100.00 mail in rebate. I will be able to get additional discounts on the device. You can contact me at trampolla @ Our company has locations in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide sales, service and support for the 5 major cellualr provider. I will be taking pre orders as of 11/2. Take advantage now. They are already have a high demand.

gitty said...

Do you still carry the 8350 Blackberry curve?
Is the price still $150.00?

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