Braveheart Mobile Game by Artificial Life

Braveheart Mobile Game by Artificial Life 1
Braveheart Mobile Game by Artificial Life. A real-time strategy adventure based on the popular movie, Braveheart, has been released by the Hong Kong-based Artificial Life and Paramount Digital Entertainment. This real time strategy mobile game is packed full of challenging tasks and missions that require swift thinking and strategic maneuvering on the battlefield.

In Braveheart players take on the role of William Wallace, the legendary Scottish hero, who fights for Scotland’s freedom by plotting attacks against their English suppressors. Players must attack and guard six locations from the English, including Sterling, Paisley, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Lanark and York in 10 heroic real-time strategic missions. Alongside his fellow freedom fighters, Robert the Bruce, Mornay and Lachlan, William Wallace battles the enemies’ infantry, cavalry, foot soldiers and leaders. After conquering a town, players must then guard it against counterattacks.

Braveheart Mobile Game by Artificial Life 2

Characters, missions and locations featured in the game follow the events from the Braveheart movie. For each mission there are three different levels of difficulty in which the number of enemies and adversaries varies. All missions must be completed strategically without losing William Wallace or any of his companions.

More information about Braveheart Mobile Game by Artificial Life is available from the official page. It will be also available on mobile operators’ portals and resellers worldwide soon.
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