Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G

Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G 1
Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G. A new third-party company has submitted an application that promises to finally deliver Copy Paste functionality to iPhone users worldwide.

The 'iPhone Copy Paste' application allows for rich text editing - something the iPhone’s “Notes” application fails to offer. And, combined with the ability copy text to another “note,” the application allows you to change the copied text’s font size, font color, font type, and even apply bold, italic, underline, and strike-through effects to the text.

Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G 2
Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G 3
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2 comments on "Copy Paste App for iPhone 3G"

Hmm said...

It doesnt appear that the copy/cut paste will work in Safari which is what users want and need. It also doesn't appear to be working for SMS.

WTF did Apple decide not include the copy/paste function in Safari?

Marius said...

If Apple will not bring the copy/paste and other normal features that Windows Mobile OS has, this in 30 days, I'll return my iphone 3G that I just purchased. This is way ridiculous... and the guys that sell the iphone do not make any statements regarding the negative parts of the iphone, although I tried to get as much as possible! Ridiculous.

Yet, I love the applications on the iphone and the ones you can download... well done; But man... no valuable copy/paste/cut like in notepad in Windows Mobile. I have the phone here and I'll get it back from the office, in my hands...

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