Einsteins Brain Mobile Game released by Disney

Einstein's Brain Mobile Game by Disney
Einstein's Brain Mobile Game has been released by Disney. This can be a nice mobile game in brain training genre for you who want to train brain on the go. The game was developed by Living Mobile and published by Disney Mobile Studios. The basics of Einstein's Brain Training are wearingly familiar, with 20 games about Einstein’s theories of relativity and ideas about the solar system, organised into four categories: Math, Memory, Logic and Visual, as well as a bonus Sudoku puzzle game, to give the brain a thorough work-out.

These can all be practised in the Free Training mode, but, as is now the established format, there is also a Daily Exercise mode, which can only be played once a day so that your progress and improvement can be tracked. There's also a Bluetooth two-player mode where players can go head to head against an opponent in real time.
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