emoze improved UI and Java Apps

emoze improved UI and Java Apps
emoze improved UI and Java Apps. emoze has added swivel-screens, cool theming and animated screen transitions as some of the new benefits offered to mobile users, along with extending its consumer push-mobile solution to over 800 mobile handsets using the newest Java technology.

The first in the world to use the not-yet-released Lwuit technology in push communication, it offers users a preferred web-like view of email, calendar contacts and soon social networking applications. Java-users will also benefit from this advance in emoze technology as it is now available to many more mobile handsets (and no longer simply for smartphones.)

With even broader handset compatibility, outstanding graphics and flexible layouts, emoze pushes the limits of the user experience, certifying a visually-smooth transition from desktop to mobile. This much anticipated emoze Java-product, will be released next month and available to mass market devices including Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and the Nokia S40. Software download is available from the simple one-stop-shop at http://www.emoze.com.
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