emoze Push Mobile Email for Java handsets

emoze Push Mobile Email for Java handsets
emoze Push Mobile Email for Java handsets. emoze launches the world's first push mobile email solution for Java handsets. Push-mobile email is now available to a whole new category of mobile users, with more than 800 handsets added to the mobile email mix. Standard-grade handsets previously considered 'dumber' than Blackberry handsets, Smartphones or Windows Mobile devices, can get very smart with emoze.

Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung users will be able to get emoze push mail on their handsets. The deployment will be in stages; Nokia Series40 handsets will be the first to be added, followed shortly after by the rest. Unique web-like graphics, flexible layouts and animated screen transitions are all supported by the emoze Java client. Unlike other simple push email solutions, emoze delivers slick, colorful and well laid out messaging and content - mirroring what you get on your PC screen - to even the most basic mobile phone.

emoze Push Mobile Email for Java handsets is available to everybody for free by quick and easy download from http://www.emoze.com independent of operator.
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