First fringAdd-ons now available

First fringAdd-ons now available
First fringAdd-ons now available. As a follow-up to the previous fringAPI - fring’s platform introduced, the first fringAdd-ons developed by fring and 3rd party developers is now available.

The API and fringAdd-on are all about adding more value to fringsters; by opening up the fring platform and enabling 3rd party developers to bring almost any web services to mobile phones, they help enriching fringsters internet experience and adding value to the fring community.

The first flavors of fringAdd-ons are around social networking, videos and email notifications. As in the screen shots, that includes Facebook, Gmail notifier, Orkut, vTap and Yandex.mail notifier.

How to grab the First fringAdd-ons?
To get cozy with the first of many fringAdd-ons make sure you have the latest fring version (either Nokia Symbian 9, Sony Ericsson UIQ and Windows Mobile). If you already have the latest version simply restart fring; go to "Options" > "Settings" > "Manage add-ons" and just select the services you like. Done!

You may also check the video:

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Tammy said...

i was wondering do you have any software in which suit with Samsung Melot and I amlooking for MSN and Yahoo messenger in which need software if possible

Thank you

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