Glide OS for iPhone 3G with Microsoft Word document support

Glide OS for iPhone 3G with Microsoft Word document support
Glide OS for iPhone 3G with Microsoft Word document support. Glide Mobile offers online collaboration on Microsoft Office documents as part of their Glide Mobile suite - which includes Glide Photo Editor, Glide Write, Glide Presenter, Glide Crunch, Glide ad-free email, Glide Groups and Projects, Glide Meeting, Glide Calendar, video Jukebox, Music Jukebox, and Slideshow creator. And, Glide Mobile now comes with 10GB of free online storage to keep all those Word documents, pictures, and PowerPoint presentations safe and sound.
“We are making Microsoft Word document support available today on the 3G iPhone with 10GBs of free online document storage” said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. “You can easily create, share and collaborate on Microsoft Word documents on the 3G iPhone with automatic desktop synchronization and automatic version control. 3G iPhone users can even collaborate on documents with family, friends and colleagues who have Blackberry, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones.”
Interested? you can go to Glide Mobile's website to register your GlideOS account.

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3 comments on "Glide OS for iPhone 3G with Microsoft Word document support"

Pete said...

Doesn't Glide OS funtion through flash, which the iPhone 3G doesn't support?

s said...

Yeah, I can't cooent to my glide with my iPhone!

Max Dunn said...

Isn't "OS" stretching things a bit? Flash doesn't claim to be an OS, and is technically a VM operating on top of multiple OS' - the only OS-like looking part of this (their iPhone web app is clunky) is coming from Flash. Good marketing, but I am much more interested in seeing Flash take the place of an OS (or become a truly ubiquitous VM making OS truly irrelevant) and it would be great if Apple would let it play on the iphone.

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