Google Mobile App on iPhone Video

Google Mobile App on iPhone Video
Google Mobile App on iPhone Video. Google are showing off their first native app for the iPhone and iPod touch -- Google Mobile App. It combines powerful Google services with a slick interface, so you can find what you're looking for faster and more easily.

Not only can you search the web faster using Google Mobile App, but you can also search your contacts, web history, local businesses and more. As soon as you start typing, it provides you with suggestions while you type. These could be typing suggestions, website suggestions or easy access to a search you made before.

Finally, Google Mobile App also uses the My Location feature to detect your current location and show nearby businesses on a map. If you use other Google mobile products you'll find them through the "Explore more" button - all in one place.

And, you'll want to watch this video to see Google Mobile App in action on the iPhone.

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