How to Share Applications between iPhones

How to Share Applications between iPhones
How to Share Applications between iPhones. The Fairplay DRM that Apple uses to protect its iPhone applications from piracy allows you to authorize up to 5 computers to share your iTunes purchases. You can share iPhone apps with each other as long as both your iTunes are authorized to use them e.g. you want to share it with your wife/family. Melvin Rivera, a web developer located in New York has wrote a step by step tutorial on how to do it. Here's a quick rundown of Melvin’s tutorial:

0. You can buy an app from your iTunes e.g. Super Monkey Ball game (This is just a sample for demonstration purposes)
1. Download the app to iTunes and sync to your iPhone
2. In your Family member's mac, 'Log In' to their iTunes application with 'your' iTunes Store account
3. 'Log Out' and then back 'Log In'
4. Inside iTunes, Go to the app store, Find Super Monkey Ball game and click 'Buy' App button
5. 'Re-download' the Super Monkey Ball game application
(iTunes knows you've already paid for this, you can download it again for free)
6. If download completes, then 'Log Out' of 'your' iTunes account
7. Log back in with your-family-member's iTunes account
8. Sync the iPhone (The app should transfer)
9. and Done! You should now have Super Monkey Ball mobile game on two different iPhones.

Enjoy! More screenshots of How to Share Applications between iPhones are available from the website.
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