Integos's Virus Barrier X5 is a Malware scanner, Antivirus for iPhone2.0

Integos's Virus Barrier X5 - Malware scanner, Antivirus for iPhone 2.0
Following the previous post back in January, iPhone Trojan Horse Malware First Discovered in 2008, and not so long ago in April; Panda Security : Mobile Phone Adware / Malware increases, As for now, Antivirus vendors have predicted the arrival of the iPhone, with its stripped down version of Mac OS X, would lead to an increase in malware for all Mac OS X systems.

However, that prediction has not been realised yet. We've rarely heard that some malware is developed for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Nevertheless, The latest version of Intego’s Virus Barrier version 10.5.3 is claimed by the company that it will not only scan files on your Mac, but will also include the iPhone in the process.

Virus Barrier X5 10.5.3 runs completely on your Mac (no PC version is available) and will only scan the iPhone, once it’s connected for syncing purposes. Yeah, actually that might seem inefficient to some people, but in case you care about mobile security, it will keep your iPhone safe from unwelcome viruses or malwares. For other smartphones we're already aware of some Mobile Antivirus products such as that F-Secure Mobile Antivirus for Sony Ericsson Smartphone UIQ.

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