Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 Screenshot

Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 Screenshot
Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 Screenshot. We've already seen that iPhone Firmware 2.0, and all are waiting for iPhone 3G to be out tomorrow, the iPhone Dev Team has posted screenshots of what looks to be the iPhone 2.0 OS boasting both the AppStore as well as Installer. The network logo in the below screenshot also shows MTS as the network of choice (Yeah, it's unlocked), MTS is an unofficial iPhone network.

As you know, a new jailbroken iPhone3G (full read/write access) will allow us to get freely distributed iPhone apps from AppStore and many sources. The screenshot also shows the tool “BootNeuter” loaded under iPhone OS 2.0. This utility allows users to fully unlock the iPhone for use on unauthorized carriers. Yeah, iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak will be launching in the near future. Stay tuned.

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