JoikuSpot Premium + secure WLAN and email protocol support

JoikuSpot Premium + secure WLAN and email protocol support
JoikuSpot Premium + secure WLAN and email protocol support. We are already aware of JoikuSpot - Wireless Router (Wifi HotSpot) for S60 Smartphone before, And here's the premium edition released. Premium Edition comes with VPN so you can access corporate intraweb and email. All network access protocols are supported in Premium Edition. There is no forced default landing page in Premium Edition. JoikuSpot Premium supports S60 3rd Ed phone models.

What's JoikuSpot Premium?
Joikusoft is first in the world to enable turning mobile phones to powerful Wi-Fi basestations. Award winning JoikuSpot software turns your mobile phone instantly to a personal and secure WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot. JoikuSpot installs direct to your mobile phone. You can use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi internet access point for high speed 3G internet connection.

You can share your mobile phones 3G internet connection securely with WLAN devices such as laptops, iPods, iTouch, EeePCs and internet tablets. Multiple devices can share the same connection in parallel, but it is your choice if you allow sharing of your JoikuSpot internet access point. The connection can be set secured just like with any other Wi-Fi basestation. JoikuSpot simply turns your mobile phone to be the Wi-Fi basestation and internet gateway.

You can effectively replace Bluetooth, cable, USB dongles/modems and costly fixed HotSpot access points with JoikuSpot and save money, time and hassle. After all, you always have your phone with you = Where ever you may be, you have internet. JoikuSpot Premium is 100% customizable for operator whitelabeling and licencing.

JoikuSpot Premium costs 15 EUR. More information about JoikuSpot Premium + secure WLAN and email protocol support is available from JoikuShop.
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