Juicebar - Emergency CellPhone Charger

Juicebar - Emergency CellPhone Charger
Juicebar - Emergency CellPhone Charger. An useful accessory for your mobile phone on the go, called Juice Bar, with it you can recharge your mobile phone anywhere in the world without a power supply. Juicebar will give you up to 1 hour (60 minutes) of talk time and 8 hours (480 minutes) standby time. It will recharge your phone battery even if your phone has gone completly flat.

Juicebar is so simple to use - Just plug it in. Your phone will register Juicebar is connected and charging will begin. You can begin using your phone immediately and within approximately 60 minutes Juicebar will have topped up your mobile.

The Juicebar battery is a unique design similar to battery systems used by NASA. Interestingly, the technology means that Juicebar will retain a full charge for at least 5 years, even though you’ll probably drain all the power from it within months upon purchase — that’s in case an emergency occurs, of course.

Juicebar - Emergency CellPhone Charger is already available to UK citizens only for 2.99 GBP (about $6), More information is avialable from the official website.
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