NDrive G800 - Sat Nav GPS navigator

NDrive G800 - Sat Nav GPS navigator
NDrive G800 - Sat Nav GPS navigator. This is the sat nav that can show you what your destination looks like before you set off and makes it impossible to miss your turning when you know exactly what it looks like.

With 29 major cities photo mapped in the UK currently, this new sat nav conveniently takes navigation to the next level.

NDrive G800 Navigation System Features
+ Choose between 4 diagonal perspectives, plus a vertical perspective to navigate in photo mapping
+ Voice prompts/Dynamic Routing/Auto re-routing
+ Routing Options – Shortest/Fastest/Car Mode/Pedestrian Mode/Tolls/Speed
+ Multimedia features - plays music, videos, watch photos and read e-books
+ FM transmitter - put your favorite songs in the G800 memory and listen to them on your car audio
+ Bluetooth receiver - turn your NDrive G800 into a loudspeaker of your phone calls
+ Games, Calculator

More information about NDrive G800 - Sat Nav GPS navigator is available from the website.
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Cho, Jang Hwan said...

I need DVD USA NDrive navigation software.
How can buy or download USA NDrive navigation software?
Let me know.
Thank you.

usednavigation GPS said...

Good...Thank for the new knowledge.Thank very much.

Colin said...

Sounds a great piece of kit and the very cool feature playing music through your car radio.

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