OpenMoko FreeRunner UI Screenshots

OpenMoko FreeRunner UI Screenshots
OpenMoko FreeRunner UI Screenshots. Following on the previous OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner Available, Recently we've heard that Ars Technica has got their screenshots of the FreeRunner's GTK-based Linux stack (om2007.2). Apple's Webkit powers the FreeRunner's browser, and a terminal application gives the user root-access to a BusyBox shell. There are a lot of similarities between om2007.2 and Nokia's Maemo platform—both are based on GTK+ and use OpenedHand's lightweight Matchbox window manager. OpenedHand also developed several other important pieces of the om2007.2 stack, including the personal information management suite, which is called Pimlico.

In case you're interested in grabbing this OpenMoko FreeRunner. You may want to check some screenshots for the Booting om2007.2, home screen, dialer interface, OpenMoko's WebKit-based browser, the application launcher, media player, and the terminal utility. Screenshots follow after the jump.

OpenMoko FreeRunner UI Screenshots 1
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