Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for WinMo Available

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for WinMo Available
Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for WinMo Available. The latest Opera mobile web browser is finally out in beta version. it will allows users to view the entire web page and instantly recognize the site. In addition, there’s a new, improved user interface, pan and zoom option, improved standards support, option to save pages and/or images, Opera Dragonfly developer tools, and more.

Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for WinMo Features:
+ Faster. Opera Mobile 9.5 beta continues this fine tradition with noticeable speed improvements over Opera Mobile 8.65 and IE Mobile.
+ Pan and zoom. Using the same technology found in Opera Mini, Opera Mobile 9.5 defaults to full Web page viewing and allows users to pan and zoom into their desired content in just a few clicks.
+ Save pages and/or images. With a click, simply save your selected content and send via email or MMS to your friends.
+ Improved user interface. Opera has completely renovated its mobile UI. Cleaner and more intuitive, the new UI is designed for quick and easy navigation.
+ Improved standards support. It is based on Opera's latest core rendering engine, Presto 2.1.
+ Opera Dragonfly. Opera Dragonfly is Opera’s open source cross-platform developer tool. This unique hybrid application officially goes cross-platform in Opera Mobile 9.5.

How to Download Opera Mobile 9.5 beta for Windows Mobile Smartphone
0. Download Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 1. http://www.opera.com/products/mobile/download/
1. Save the file on your computer
2. Synchronize it to your Windows Mobile device.
3. Install Opera on your phone. and Enjoy!

More information, details and screenshots are available from Opera's website.
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