Qik Mobile Streaming Video in public beta

Qik Mobile Streaming Video in public beta
Qik Mobile Streaming Video in public beta. Following the previous Qik - Live Mobile Video Streaming platform available for Windows Mobile, Here's good news for mobile videographers, Qik is now available in public Beta with additional features, integrations and additional handset support. Over 30 Windows Mobile and Symbian S60-powered handsets are now supported.

Qik Key New Features:
+ Groups: You can now create groups / micro-communities that they can then stream to.
+ Events: Create your own events - from small family events to large corporate events - and invite others to join those events.
+ New Player: A better looking player that contains the ability to (a) view the thumbnails of all the videos of the user and play directly from there (b) chat from within the player that shows up as overlay on the player.
+ Reduced Latency: Our guys did some more magic over the July 4th weekend and now we have now got the latency down to 1/2 to 3 second.
+ Playback on phones using resident media RSS readers: You can now subscribe to Qiks from your favorite RSS reader on your phone or the Nokia Podcasting application on your Nokia smartphone. Then subscribe to your favorite Qikkers and get their feeds directly to the phone and play the videos directly from the these readers.
+ Signup from mobile device:You can now sign up even from your mobile phone. Just go to qik.com from the browser on your phone and follow the instructions on next steps.

Qik now supports additional Symbian and Windows Mobile phones on both GSM (like AT&T, T-Mobile) and CDMA networks (like Verizon, Sprint). Go to http://qik.com/sign_up to get details on all the phones supported. More information and details are avialable from Qik's blog.
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