Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof Phone

Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof Phone
Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof Phone. Samsung B2700 new candybar phone features quad-band GSM/GPRS + EDGE radio, 1.9-inch 176×220 pixels screen, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, built-in compass and altimeter, music player, 1300 mAh battery, 30 MB of internal memory, and a microSD memory slot.

Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof Phone Specifications
+ 176 x 220 TFT display
+ Music player with FM radio and RDS
+ Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0
+ Built-in compass AND altimeter
+ 30 GB internal memory and up to 4 GB MicroSD expandable memory
+ 1300 mAh battery
+ Quad-band EDGE

Interestingly, this cellphone is certified to be resistant to water and dust. Samsung GT-B2700 measures 115×52x18 mm and will start selling at the end of the summer for 330 USD (210 EUR).

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10 comments on "Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof Phone"

Emily said...

Please advise where I can buy the Samsung GT-B2700 Waterproof phones. Thank you.

Ralph said...

In Europe: Switzerland and Germany. I bought mine in Switzerland but but it is not tatally waterproof! Splashproof rather. There is only one totally water proof cell phone in the world: That is SONIM the best there is and MIL-SPECS.

Blogal IT said...

I think that the new Nokia 3720 is better, great design and great perfomances. Samsung is to poor

Ralph said...

It is debatable what is better. But Nokia is slipping more and more performance wise. They are not even capable to come out with a cell phone meeting mil-specs besides not being water or at least splash proof!
You drop a Nokia cell in the water or snow and dry it in the sun then its done.

ashish said...

cost of the phone

Muhammad Arshad said...

cost of this cell fone

Ralph said...

500 USD of the SAMSUNG Splash proof cel phone.

Ralph said...

600 USD

kojet said...

SAMSUNG /GT B2700 WATERPROOF PHONE..whwre can i buy this phone in malaysia....

gerry s malibiran said...

is this phone available in the philippines?

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