Sprint Airave signal booster in August

Sprint Airave signal booster in August
Sprint Airave signal booster in August. As a follow-up to the previous rumor about Sprint Airave signal booster on July 15, Sprint has finally released a firm nationwide launch date for its Airave. You'll enjoy enhanced wireless service in your home or office — even if there is no coverage. It's like having your own miniature cell tower with a coverage radius of up to 5,000 square feet.

Sprint Airave Features
+ Works with any Sprint phone — up to three users at the same time.*
+ Installs in minutes with your existing broadband Internet access, such as DSL, cable or T1.
+ Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, including nationwide long distance, when using your Sprint phone and initiating your call on the device (requires an AIRAVE unlimited calling plan).*
+ Automatically transfers calls to the Sprint Nationwide Network once you leave your home or office.*
+ Limit access to your AIRAVE by creating a list of up to 50 approved Sprint phone numbers.

Sprint AIRAVE will be available for purchase at your nearest Sprint Store on 8/18. Sprint is asking for a $99.99 one-time fee for the Airave hardware and monthly subscription costs ranging from $4.99 to $20, depending on whether or not you want to use your wireless minutes or get unlimited Airave minutes and how many handsets you want to use with your Airave.

* More information is available from the official Sprint's website.
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