Tether Apple iPhone 3G to Laptop

Tether Apple iPhone 3G to Laptop
Tether Apple iPhone 3G to Laptop. A pair of programs, 3proxy and MobileTerminal can help you to tether a jailbroken iPhone 3G to laptop. This will use your iPhone 3G as a wireless modem. Tethering your iPhone is against the iPhone data plan terms. AT&T could slap you with huge fees if you overuse it.

Here's the basic rundown:
+ You'll need a jailbroken iPhone 3G (you can use this iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak Guide with Pwnage Tool 2.0.1)
+ Install 3Proxy and MobileTerminal (available from the “Cydia” application that was installed during the iPhone 3G jailbreak)
+ Create an ad-hoc WiFi network on your laptop
+ Join the network with your iPhone
+ Find out the iPhone's IP address
+ Open MobileTerminal and run the proxy program
+ Open Safari on your iPhone and open a web page
+ Configure your browser to use the proxy
+ Done.

The folks behind cre.ations.net have a nice tutorial + screenshots to do this. More details are available from the website.
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