TiVoRemote New GUI Update + Handy features

TiVoRemote New GUI Update + Handy features
TiVoRemote New GUI Update + Handy features. We've seen TiVoRemote to control TiVo from iPhone, iPod Touch before, and what's now? The application gets new improved user interface. Series 3 TiVos, and TiVoHDs, now have an open tcp port for sending remote control commands.

This program puts a user interface on top of that, allowing you to control your TiVo with your iPhone or iPod Touch. With TiVo Detection, it can now detect TiVos in your house (on your network). TiVoRemote can also download the Now Playing data from the TiVo. With this data, you can browse the available programs, and start playing them automatically.

Step by Step How to install TiVoRemote:
0. You'll need a jailbroken iPhone (more details in the sidebar for guide)
1. Simply add “http://tivoremote.googlecode.com/svn/www/repo.xml” to your Installer.app sources
2. Click on TiVoRemote in the “Toys” category
3. Install, launch the program
4. Entering the settings menu, all that’s required is the TiVo’s IP address.
5. Once entered, your iPhone / iPod is ready to control your Series 3 or HD TiVo.

More information, other instructions, download are alternatively available from Google Code page.
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