uSirius - Sirius Radio on your iPhone

uSirius - Sirius Radio on your iPhone
uSirius - Sirius Radio on your iPhone. For you who're fond of listening to Sirius radio, there's an application called uSirius that can help you to listen it on your iPhone.

How to install uSirius - Sirius Radio on your iPhone?
0. You'll need a jailbroken iPhone to install uSirius
1. Add the “" repository to your “Sources” list, Here’s how:
a. Start up your
b. Hit the “Sources” tab at the bottom of your screen
c. Tap the “Edit” button in the upper right
d. Then tap “Add” in the upper left
e. When prompted to do so, enter the “” in the text box.
f. You’ll find the application listed, Install and restart your iPhone.
2. Simply input your username and password, and let the app load all the channels and channel logos. In a WiFi connection it takes no more than 5 minutes, and you're ready. A total of 163 channels are available at your disposal.

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5 comments on "uSirius - Sirius Radio on your iPhone"

ALI said...

hey,,,i tried to add '' to my sources but i couldn't is there any way to install usirius to my iphone.

kooch said...

did not work for me 3g 2.1

dave said...

Same here. It comes up as Invalid Source. I had it on 1.1.4 but so far 2.1 is a no go.

funktion said...

I believe this only works on firmware version 1.1.4. not available on 2.1, just learned this the hard way a little bit ago. I may be wrong though.

Tihspeed said...

3G 2.2....any chance on getting usirius? I love Howard and need this application...."help me obi-wan your my only hope"

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