4G LTE planned by MetroPCS

4G LTE planned by MetroPCS
4G LTE planned by MetroPCS. We’ve heard some plans before about LTE network: Alltel for 4G LTE Network, 4G LTE Network by AT&T in 2012, and Verizon LTE Network (700 MHz spectrum) in 2010, it's now Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for MetroPCS' upcoming 4G network.

While MetroPCS currently operates its own CDMA network, LTE is on the upgrade path for GSM networks, meaning the move will be a technology shift for the carrier.

LTE technology will allow wireless carriers to use their wireless spectrum more efficiently, reduce power draw on handsets, and deliver wireless data speeds that will outdo current wireless broadband solutions.
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Go UNLIMITED said...

What 4G!!! THats inSane!!!

Metro Pcs Will Be Up there With the BIG 4!!

MaN!! Metro PCS is Already Making THe BIg 4 Sweat Bullets Because M.P.S Has TRUE unlimited!!

WAit Until 4 G ComES!!

Has Any1 Heard of LTC Yet??

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