Apple Logo Screen of Death Troubleshooting

Apple Logo Screen of Death Troubleshooting. Many users of iPhone OS 2.0 and 2.0.1 firmware have reported on Apple’s Discussion boards that iPhone application installations and updates can randomly trigger an iPhone crash. The screen goes dark, comes back on, displays the white Apple Logo.

Apparently it also requires an iPhone restore to bring things back to normal. Yeah, you have to perform a complete restore on the iPhone! Restoring the iPhone as new would result in losing your personal data such as text messages, applications, notes, contacts, etc so you will have to manually sync them. How to fix 'Apple Logo Screen of Death'?

iPhone Atlas gave iPhone users tips you may want to try;
Rest assured that usually your iPhone is not “bricked” only stuck in some kind of endless loop. In order to break this loop you need to do a factory restore of the iPhone. That is accomplished by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake and Home until the iPhone resets. When the Apple logo appears release Sleep/Wake, but do not release Home until you see the prompt to connect the iPhone to iTunes. You then have to restore the iPhone’s firmware, all your settings, all your media, and all your Apps. During this process you are offered an attempt to recover your iPhone from a backup. Unfortunately, backups are just as bug ridden and very unreliable. Users may encounter an error message indicating that a previously valid backup is corrupt.

Last but not least, Perform app updates singly and do not use the “Update All” feature, and don’t perform any other tasks on your iPhone while the update process is taking place.
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