Death Race Mobile Game by Gameloft

Death Race Mobile Game by Gameloft
Death Race Mobile Game by Gameloft. A licensing agreement with Universal Pictures Digital Platforms Group has been announced by Gameloft to develop and publish the official mobile game of the upcoming action-thriller Death Race, which opens in theaters on August 22, 2008.
Pushing the limits of the mobile racing game, Gameloft’s Death Race captures the full throttle action of the film’s dystopian world in which the most extreme racing competition has emerged and its contestants are murderous prisoners. . Race in one of the film’s seven ”Steel Beasts,” each one with a different play style and armed to the teeth. Armor up and throttle down for the game’s five-episode ”Story Mode,“ which runs a gauntlet of challenges ranging from ”Race,” ”Rampage,” ”Eliminator,” ”Shooter” and ”Boss Battles”—featuring a mix of shooting and racing. Complete the ”Story Mode” and unlock the ”Single Race Mode,” which allows fans to blast through all of the Death Race tracks and challenges.

As the game progresses, new cars and lethal weapons are unlocked, and the skill level of the opponents adjust
getting stronger and more lethal as the game’s speed and tempo ramp up both the competition and the firepower!
Gameloft's Death Race mobile game will launch on all major carrier decks in August 2008.
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