djay - DJ music software for Mac

djay - DJ music software for Mac 1
djay - DJ music software for Mac. You may have heard the previous post about DJ applications before such as Mixmeister Scratch - DJ Application for iPhone, and MixDJ - Application to turn phone in to a DJ. Here's now a DJ app for your Mac.

With djay, music player and disc-jockey software, you can turn your Mac into a full blown DJ setup using all your songs from iTunes with beautiful cover art right on the virtual vinyl. You can also record your mixes live — for your latest podcast, movie project or photo slide show, or to make a classic "mixtape".

djay DJ software for Mac Features
+ Perfect iTunes Integration
+ Live Mix Recording
+ Two-Finger Mixing & Scratching!
You can use the mouse or two-finger gestures on a notebook’s trackpad to mix and scratch your songs. (No additional hardware required)
+ Enable Automix mode and let djay mix your playlists with seamless DJ-style transitions — non-stop and fully automatic.
+ Professional Audio Engine
+ Live Microphone
+ Instant Pre-Cueing
+ Automatic Transitions
+ Visual Loops and Cue Points
+ Real-Time Sampler
+ Collaborative Mixing
+ Live Undo/Redo
+ Vestax DJ MIDI Controller Support

djay - DJ music software for Mac

Interested in turntables? More information about djay - DJ music software for Mac is available from the official webpage.
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