New Firmware Update for Samsung Instinct

New Firmware Update for Samsung Instinct
New Firmware Update for Samsung Instinct. A new firmware update is now available for Samsung Instinct that includes a number of small tweaks as well as updates made to its base code. Instinct users will notice increased audio volume when using Bluetooth headsets/car kits, as well as improved stability of the phone's signal and battery indicators.

Web browser is also improved, there's also an ability to set a saved image as the background wallpaper and recurring appointments are supported in the calendar. You're already able to update your Samsung Instinct, go to Menu > Settings > General > choose 'Update Phone'.
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2 comments on "New Firmware Update for Samsung Instinct"

Derek said...

New firmware is a noticeable upgrade. The web browser still crashes on certain pages( But overall runs alot smoother and renders way faster. The only depressing part is now we probably wont see another upgrade for many months. Not an iphone killer, but moving in the right direction.

Brian Clincy said...

I recieved my firmware update today (10/15/08). It did fix the problem I was getting with a freezes when I go into my 'phone' portions, or the freeze between the screen shifts between menus. I'm hoping that the next update will have a little more to it. Waiting for browser 2.0, or maybe even ablility to add another broswer.

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