Qik - Video streaming for iPhone

Qik - Video streaming for iPhone
Qik - Video streaming for iPhone. Following the previous report, Qik Mobile Streaming Video in public beta, Here's now Good news for original iPhone owners, Qik is now available through the jailbreak-based Installer application.

As we already know that Apple hasn't approved streaming video on the iPhone and iPhone 3G via Appstore, so Yeah, this is for your 1st generation 'Jailbroken' iPhone. Qik for iPhone 3G is still being developed by Qik.

How to Grab Qik for iPhone? Here’s Step by Step to do:
0. You’ll need to have an original iPhone with a jailbroken iPhone 1.1.4 OS. (In case you need the 1.1.4 tutorial, here's the previous post: ZiPhone 3.0 Available for iPhone Jailbreak + Unlock)
1. Add "http://qik.com/iphone1" application repository to your "Source" list, Here’s how:
a. Start up your Installer.app
b. Hit the "Sources" tab at the bottom of your screen
c. Tap the "Edit" button in the upper right
d. Then tap "Add" in the upper left
e. When prompted to do so, enter the "http://qik.com/iphone1" in the text box.
f. You’ll find it. Install and restart your iPhone.

You may also want to watch the Qik video:

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