Casio EXILIM W63CA with 8.1 megapixel camera

Casio EXILIM W63CA with 8.1 megapixel camera
Casio EXILIM W63CA with 8.1 megapixel camera. AU and Casio will release a new EXILIM powered mobile phone in Japan featuring an 8.1 megapixel camera with a 9 Point AF and a wide angle, the W63CA.

Casio EXILIM W63CA features a 480 x 800 OLED touchscreen, face detection, anti-shake, wide angle, a YouTube video mode that records VGA video at 30fps to microSD, measuring 110 x 50 x 17.4 ~ 22-mm and more.

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6 comments on "Casio EXILIM W63CA with 8.1 megapixel camera"

F. Michelkamp said...

Unable to find anything about this phone on Casio Exilim websites.
I'm seeing less and less high end flip phones in the U.S. and none with a touch screen like the W63CA shows. My kids want to make calls, take and share pictures, text and then slip the phone into their pocket. This looks like what they need and it's a shame I don't have access to it.

Jess said...

This is sooooo frustating! this is exactly the phone I want and it taking forever! UGGGG!

Joshua said...

I have this phone in japan, as in right now. I have the titanium gold, also known as dark brown, version. It is not touch screen. in fact this is the first site I saw that says it is. But now I will re-read the manual as I read japanese and double check, I wish it was, because I touch the screen all the time and nothing happens.

shantell said...

i really want to get this phone but i can not find out where to buy it from. . anyone have an answer

Alex said...

SAME shantell i really want this phone, can you buy this in the uk? so frustrating as i want this phone. Can you have it imported from Japen? What networks it take? Anyone know,
Pls email me alie.ox @

Radium said...

This cell is really nice I have the white one, au KDDI. New model was released last year. This is not touchscreen, as japanese don't really like touchscreen. This is totally impossible to get one, as you need to subscribe to get it. Only Docomo and Softbank are able with hypersim or unlocking software in Europe/USA. It doesn't have GSM system, only CDMA. But now, this cell is almost overpassed by summer collection 2011.

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