Pac-Man Mobile Game for Android

Pac-Man Mobile Game for Android
Pac-Man Mobile Game for Android. Namco Networks announced the availability of the arcade classic PAC-MAN on the first Android-powered device, announced by T-Mobile. When the phone launches, PAC-MAN will be available to consumers in the Android Market at no charge, giving owners of the new T-Mobile G1 handset full access to the game which usually retails for $9.99.

PAC-MAN on the T-Mobile G1 includes three unique control schemes:
+ Swipe Mode allows players to direct PAC-MAN's path by simply swiping in the direction you want to travel.
+ Track Mode lets players zip through mazes using the phone's trackball
+ Accelerometer Mode allows players to control PAC-MAN by tilting the phone in the direction they want to move.

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