Colorware for T-Mobile G1

Colorware for T-Mobile G1
Colorware for T-Mobile G1. Following the previous T-Mobile G1 now available in white, In case you want a colorful Android phone, After giving personalized color to iPhone 3G, Sidekick, and other handsets, Colorware has recently announced the T-Mobile G1 support.

The pricing starts at $175, which will make your T-Mobile G1 replace black or white color into your own unique color scheme. For additional $15 you can change the color of the keyboard or bottom or back. The color customization will cost up to $220 (if you change all color options like this picture).

More information about Colorware for T-Mobile G1 is available from the official website.
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kelise said...

Want to Chanqe the Frame Of My g1 ( color )

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