iCEphone - Windows Mobile Triple-Flip phone

iCEphone - Windows Mobile Triple-Flip phone
iCEphone - Windows Mobile Triple-Flip phone. The Medical Phone Ltd, have begun showing off iCEphone - Windows Mobile Triple-Flip phone and claim that it is currently in production. Originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the British military, the iCEphone is a combination of two exciting new products that can either work independently or together: a cross-platform medical software package and a phone that sets a new industry standard in convergence technology. It is beautifully engineered, ruggedised, and effortlessly changes shape to adopt multiple user interfaces. A full QWERTY keyboard with large keys and a proper mouse are firsts for mobile phones. Also included are WiFi, Bluetooth, Push To Talk (PTT) and dual SIM.

The cutting edge micro-notebook touch phone is the Swiss Army Knife of handsets, effortlessly combining four main devices:
+ Windows Mobile micro-notebook
+ Fully featured 3G touch phone
+ Games player with multiple triggers
+ Satellite Navigation via GPS

Interestingly, It also comes with innovative medical software package. iCE Aid is designed to assist anyone, anywhere in the world affected by a medical emergency. The software package reduces the time to receive appropriate treatment – the critical factor in emergency medicine.

iCEphone Specifications
+ GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS/EDGE
+ 7.2 Mbps HSDPA UMTS 2100 connectivity
+ Freescale iMX31 532 Mhz CPU
+ 3" 240×400 px 65K color transflective TFT touchscreen
+ Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro OS
+ 3.1 mpx camera with autofocus and LED flash
+ Built-in GPS
+ Wi-Fi b/g
+ 1250 mAh battery
+ Dimensions: 127×60.8×23.3 mm
+ Weight: 210 g

More information about iCEphone - Windows Mobile Triple-Flip phone is available from the official The Medical Phone's website.
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nick said...

What network will it b on?

Lindsey said...

ya. will it be for AT&T?????

a.s.b. said...

dis phone rite here is the shxt im gonna get this phone maybe

casper said...

will it be out in canada?

Madison said...

I want this phone!!!!!!!!!!!! is it for telus??????????

Roxie said...

how much is this phone? it looks awesome! :)

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