Ozone mobile browser for Symbian UIQ3

Ozone mobile browser for Symbian UIQ3
Ozone mobile browser for Symbian UIQ3. You may already know Digia @Web web browser for UIQ 3 phones, Another Webkit-based browser is now available for Symbian UIQ3 smartphones - Ozone. From the open-source WebKit engine, it not only delivers advanced features such as client-side database support, zooming, tapping and multiple windows, but Ozone also provides the best web-standards compliant experience that's available.

According to Ozone, Engadget takes 40 seconds to load on Ozone, while @Web needs 117 seconds, and Opera Mobile 123 seconds.

Ozone mobile browser for Symbian UIQ3 Features:
+ Touch screen control
+ Zooming and panning by finger
+ Multiple windows
+ Pop-up blocking
+ Auto-comple URL editing
+ Desktop/mobile mode switch
+ Netscape scriptable plugin
+ HTML5 client-side database support
+ And more: high performance disk caching, fast image decoding, favorite icons, bookmark management and advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript (SquirrelFish) support.

Download, More information is available from the official Ozone website.
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