Firmware update for Nokia N85

Firmware update for Nokia N85
Firmware update for Nokia N85. Nokia has released a firmware update for one of its Nseries handset, the N85. This new firmware upgrade version 11.047 comes with bug fixes and other features.

Nokia N85 Firmware Upgrade (version 11.047) change log:
+ Characters in memory card not-present prompt note are not localized.
+ Headset - volume adjustment is not working properly.
+ Video disturb happened, once some other event happened during play fone TV on full screen.
+ Bluetooth name cannot be defined in camera application.
+ “Video call” is shown in Options when highlighting a contact in Space UI.
+ Not detecting always wall charger > Not charging.
+ 2G cannot connect to GPRS service in some cities in China.
+ Non stop Music Player “Library update”.
+ FMTX: The audio is routed to DUT speaker after receiving a message when FM transmitter is transmitting audio.
+ Predefined contacts does not support Chinese characters.
+ APN setting for Vodafone Mobile connect “Prompt Password is set to Yes”.
+ Audio > downlink quality.
+ Some of the S60 key presses are not registered by device.
+ Network level icon is not shown during VT call.
+ ITU is not responding when MO is done where slide is closed and opened when call is established.
+ Long press of Media keys prev/next not working correctly for local videos.
+ DTMF tones sent from prepaid line to *700 (or *500) are not received by NW.
+ OFR_opo-up at boot about positionning.
+ Orange enterprises APN is used by default in the email Wizard.
+ Pod cast: messed up characters.
+ All key presses are not registered by device.
+ GSM/WCDMA - OTC - NW lost after handover with open data connection.
+ general instability, improved.
+ Battery KPI: Battery stand by measurement is too high.
+ CSD - Data transmission breaks on HSCSD calls.
+ [DRM Free][ID_MUP_FreeFTMD_102] Mp4AacM4A file cannot be played by the device (34047).
+ Some KPI - Results are out of range.
+ FTP: Speed download to low.
+ [TPRO] Wap Live browsing : Access Time to the home page is too long (34970).
+ 3G Network lost forever after cell reselection from 3G > 2G with an active PDP context.
+ VARIANT - Operator RSK (live! icon) appears too small and distorted when in landscape in mode (VCP).

This new firmware update for Nokia N85 should be available through the Nokia Software Updater. As usual, it is suggested that you backup all your data before upgrading.
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Sudheer said...


I am having N85 with the following Device specifications:

Software version - 10.045
Custom Version -

Can I upgrade the firmware with version 11.047 ??

From your Change Log I can understand that it gives lot of problems than fixes to the existing problems ..!!

Do you suggest me not to upgrade with this version??

waiting for your reply...

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