HTC Touch HD with US 3G Frequencies

HTC Touch HD with US 3G Frequencies
HTC Touch HD with US 3G Frequencies. Good news! HTC has released the HTC Touch HD’s service manual which reveals that HTC Touch HD is compatible with 3G networks running the 850/1900Mhz spectrum in the U.S. We already knew that the HTC Touch HD would sport 3G frequency support in the 900Mhz and 2100Mhz WCDMA bands, but the 850Mhz WCDMA band wasn't confirmed.

HTC Touch HD features a 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen (480 x 800 WVGA), 5 megapixel camera, full 3G support, GPS and WiFi. You can read the HTC Touch HD manual (PDF).

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5 comments on "HTC Touch HD with US 3G Frequencies"

FreakQNC said...

HI multicellphone, that is indeed good news, but how would you "activate" those US frequencies so that the HTC Touch HD will use them with a US carrier such as AT&T wireless? Is there anything that US users would need to do or would the phone just work on 3G when a user is under 3G coverage and proper data plan is used? Thanks in advance to anyone who can reply!

FreakQNC said...

Hi again... nevermind my previous question, it has been a short lived happy news which turned to be a typo in the manual as confirmed by HTC. See this page:
http ://

Also from ...
"...adding additional 3G bands to any of our new phones cannot be done with a software update, it requires additional hardware.
...the software update that enabled 2G 850 on the diamond worked because the necessary hardware was already there. antenna that could work with 850Mhz 2G networks was already in the Diamond. the same is not true of 3G bands in our phones."
The above statements on twitter seem to confirm that the "HD good news" is really a typo. Nonetheless if would be great if someone could actually access a service screen on the HD where the details about supported bands are shown and triple check if 850/1900 freqs are listed.
I don't know if such screen is available and how one would get to it, but a savvier user with a Touch HD may be able to figure that out and then post a photo of that screen for everyone. Thanx! :)

Kolt C said...

I have a HTC HD and in my band setting it says

network type drop list

then the option of GSM/UTMS band drop list
UTMS(2100)+GSM(900 +1800)

Hope this Helps. I hope it works when i get back to canada on rogers

Kolt C said...

If I knew to upoad pics I would for yall to see but its laid out exactly as I Show above

Jones said...

are you sure these are the band settings options that you have on your hd. Coz if thats what you have then the hd turns out to be triband for 3G. Looks like from what you have provided that you can have AT&T 3G by either selecting
UTMS(850+1900) or UTMS(850+2100) or UTMS(850)
try select UTMS(850+1900) and see if you get 3G signal on your phone. Plz let us know.

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