Spb GPRS Monitor for Samsung WiTu

Spb GPRS Monitor for Samsung WiTu
Spb GPRS Monitor for Samsung WiTu. Spb GPRS Monitor is shipped in Samsung WiTu — a version of Samsung i900 (globally known as Omnia), specially customized for the Russian market. Spb GPRS Monitor (now Spb Wireless Monitor) is a software tool that measures incoming and outgoing data traffic and calculates network usage costs, according to configurable data plans.

Samsung WiTu is an advanced multimedia handset, offering an array of appealing online services and widgets, such as quick access to popular social networks, photosharing, and instant messaging. The preinstalled Spb GPRS Monitor enables Samsung WiTu users to monitor and control their data traffic, which is especially important when mobile Internet is so accessible, and incautious online activity entails high costs.

More information about Spb GPRS (Wireless) Monitor for Pocket PC from the official site, and for Smartphone.
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