Sun JavaFX Mobile released

Sun JavaFX Mobile released
Sun JavaFX Mobile released. Sun Microsystems has announced the availability of the JavaFX Mobile platform, enabling the Java wireless ecosystem to create expressive solutions, which leverage the power and ubiquity of the Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME). The JavaFX Mobile platform delivers rich content and services across the broadest range of mobile devices – from mass market feature phones to smart phones. Sun also announced that several leading handset manufacturers, service providers and ISVs are working with Sun to ship JavaFX Mobile handsets. Details on companies working with JavaFX are available at: Developers and partners can start building JavaFX applications for mobile and desktop today by downloading the JavaFX SDK, which includes a complete JavaFX Mobile Emulator at:

Built on top of a consistent Java ME platform implementation, JavaFX Mobile allows companies to create immersive mobile content, while leveraging their existing investment in the Java platform. Developers can use JavaFX Mobile to easily extend their current Java ME mobile applications, games and solutions with expressive features and functionality. In addition, developers using JavaFX technology have access to Java ME's mature and highly proven security model and phone specific capabilities, such as address book, Bluetooth, camera, location services, etc.

The JavaFX platform is unique in that it provides a unified development and deployment model for building expressive RIAs across desktop, browser and mobile. JavaFX delivers high fidelity audio and video, rich text, vector graphics, animation and web services for mobile and desktop applications via a simple but powerful scripting language. To help developers and technical designers get a jump-start on building these applications, updated samples, tutorials, articles, screen-casts etc. are available at
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