Spb Geo Game 1.0 released

Spb Geo Game 1.0 released
Spb Software has just announced the release of SPB Geo Game – a mobile game, designed to help players check and improve their knowledge of the world's capitals and national flags. Today's global diversity is represented by 235 countries (including small islands and independent territories), 235 flags, and 234 capitals. SPB Geo Game allows sifting through this wealth of geographic images and names, trains memory, and literally widens one's horizons in a fun way.

"Getting to know all the countries in the world with their capitals and flags is something a lot of us always wanted to do, but never had the time, – comments Vassili Philippov, SPB Software COO – "SPB Geo Game grants the opportunity to test ourselves and study the world's diversity in a fun and relaxing manner, within the few spare moments we have," Vassili concludes. SPB Geo Game offers two separate game modes: Capitals and Flags. The 'right answer' and its location are shown on a 3D globe.

Main Features of SPB Geo Game 1.0:
+ World Flags
+ World Capitals
+ 3D Globe
+ Educational Animation
+ Finger Friendly Interface

SPB Geo Game is available for touchscreen phones running Windows Mobile (5 and later editions) and Android. SPB Geo Game is available for 4.95 USD: the Windows Mobile version – from www.SpbSoftware.com, and the Android version – from the Android Market, where paid applications are available.
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