Zoompass Mobile Payment Service launched by EnStream in Canada

A new money transfer service called Zoompass has been launched by Canadian mobile payment vendor, EnStream. EnStream is jointly owned by Bell Canada, Rogers and Telus - Canada's three leading wireless operators. The Zoompass service is available to mobile users on the Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks as well as customers of their respective sub-brands and affiliates including Fido, PC Mobile, and Solo.

According to President of EnStream Robin Dua,
The launch of Zoompass represents an important milestone in financial services that makes the mobile phone the central device consumers use to transfer money and make purchases. The Zoompass mobile service ushers in a new era in electronic payments that addresses a growing desire to move money quickly and easily between friends, family, and merchants. Zoompass makes it easy to split a lunch bill, request money from parents, collect sports team fees, solicit money for a co-worker's gift, or even pay a babysitter - right from a mobile phone. With the groundbreaking launch of Zoompass, Canadians nationwide can expect to hear more people ask one another "Do you want me to Zoom you the money?"
Every Zoompass transaction is PIN-protected, amd customer financial information is stored on secure servers, not on the mobile phone, so even if the phone is lost or stolen, the user's Zoompass account remains secure. Zoompass will be officially unveiled at the 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto this week.

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