CLEAR 4G Mobile Internet Service introduced by Clearwire to Las Vegas

CLEAR 4G Mobile Internet Service introduced by Clearwire to Las Vegas
Clearwire has launched CLEAR 4G in Las Vegas. It is now live in Las Vegas and serves some 1.7 million residents across 638 square miles. The CLEAR WiMAX network is expected to deliver real-world data speeds in the 3Mbps to 6Mbps range, with burst data speeds reaching 10Mbps - speeds well in excess of the 2Mbps data rates now possible with 3G networks in the US.

In addition to the launch of Clear 4G service, the company also announced that, starting on August 1, it will offer the Clear 4G+ mobile USB, a dual-mode 4G/3G modem for customers who travel outside of CLEAR 4G coverage areas that uses Sprint’s nationwide 3G network – the most dependable 3G network in the nation – creating a truly national footprint for the most mobile of customers.

Owners of Apple Macintosh laptops will be able to connect to the CLEAR network using a USB modem beginning August 17 with the introduction of the Clear Connection Manager software for Mac. The software is compatible with existing Clear USB 4G WiMAX-only modems and will be available for download from Dual-mode Clear 4G+ mobile USB service is expected to be available for Macs in Q4 '09.

Unlike other wireless services, CLEAR delivers a mobile broadband internet experience on par with speeds typically experienced only on wired connections, like DSL. For example, some of today’s 3G wireless networks typically deliver download speeds of between 1.0 and 1.7 Mbps. CLEAR customers, however, can expect to see download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts over 10 mbps.

The CLEAR customer experience is similar to that provided by Wi-Fi, but without the short range limitations of a traditional hot spot. CLEAR uses a 4G technology that differs from Wi-Fi called WiMAX, which provides service areas measured in miles, not feet. In Las Vegas, the CLEAR network utilizes an area-wide WiMAX radio system from Motorola.

Clearwire is offering CLEAR Home internet service plans for $20 a month, with mobile WiMAX service costing $30 a month. Customers can also buy $10 day-passes, or opt for a home-and-mobile internet plan for $45. The dual-mode 3G/4G data plans will run $80 a month.
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