How to Enable Auto-Complete on HTC Touch Pro 2

How to Enable Auto-Complete on HTC Touch Pro 2
Although HTC has disabled the feature in favor of the trick slide-and-tilt QWERTY keyboard, it is useful for some users. With the feature it makes typing long words quicker, and also can act like default spell-check. Did you know that auto-completion is still available on Windows Mobile Professional OS. Thanks to WMExperts and the user at XDA, share the way to re-enable auto-completion on Touch Pro2 via registry edit.

WARNING: As usual, it is suggested that you backup all your data before editing registry. Be sure that You know what you're doing, and Do this at your own risk!

Here’s the ‘Step by Step’ to do:
0.You’ll need a regedit program (mobile registry editor) so download and install one.
- you may try this:
or other same apps.. just Google it okay?
1. Open the registry editor program
2. Find HKLM\Software\Tegic\eT9\XT9SupportMSSip and make sure it has a value of 0.
3. Simply change these two registry keys under:
HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\control\layouts\e 0010409

Ime File : \windows\xt9ime.dll change to Ime File :\windows\compime.dll
Layout Text : XT9 IME change to Layout Text : COMP IME

4. Soft reset/Reboot your phone.
5. Done! Enjoy the auto-complete on your HTC Touch Pro 2.

Good Luck.
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4 comments on "How to Enable Auto-Complete on HTC Touch Pro 2"

Rich said...

I have tried this on my Verizon HTC Touch Pro 2 and it works. The problem is that now when I try to use the colon or semicolon keys I get a backslash or slash as the result. Any way to fix this?

Johnny Kessler said...

There is an easier way to do this.

1. Start a new message and click the keyboard icon on the screen.
2. Click the "up arrow" next to the keyboard icon on the screen (just to the right of the icon).
3. Select "Touch Input Settings"
4. Click on the XT9 Settings tab.
5. Turn on the "Word Completion in ABC mode" checkbox.
6. Click OK

done and done. :)

Still no way to turn off that irritating "Message Sent" dialog that comes up after you send a txt message though. :( booo!!!

M. L said...

I tried this and I also have the issue of the : ; keys being wrong. However, you should know that they do work in the "virtual Keyboard" as they should. It may be a pain, but I'm so happy I have word completion, I'll deal with it.

For those who try the easy way, if you've had word completion on a previous phone,(mine was the ATT Tilt) you know what we are looking for. If you've never had it you have no idea what your missing. Changing the "word completion in ABC mode" box won't give you what you want.

Now my question, is there a way to suggest more than one word? My Tilt would suggest up to 4.

Jeff r said...

I've been searching what seems like forever for this fix... Thank you very much. This fixed tyhe no auto complete issue on my Verizon TP2. John's solution was not a fix... it what he said worked I wouldn't need a registry fix....

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