SlideIt virtual keyboard for touchscreen phones

SlideIt virtual keyboard for touchscreen phones
Dasur, makers of mobile text input, has announced the new SlideIT release for both finger and stylus use. SlideIT is a revolutionary, powerful, and accurate way to enter text into TouchScreen mobile phones. Using SlideIT as your virtual keyboard enables you to enter text easier and faster than any other tool and makes writing much more fun.

You can download the latest SlideIT version for only US $14.99 and receive full keyboard functionality or you can download a SlideIT demo for FREE.

How to Use SlideIT?
With our new SlideIT version, instead of tapping each letter, just point your finger to the first letter of a word and then slide your finger to the subsequent letters. Ignore duplicate letters; they are corrected automatically. A space is added at the end of a word when you lift your finger.
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Remio said...

SlideIT is the first technology to combine three features: sliding, prediction and graffiti.

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