Cocoto Online Kart Racing available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Cocoto Online Kart Racing available for iPhone and iPod Touch
Are you familiar with Cocoto Kart Racer for Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii? If your have an Apple handset, you can now play the Cocoto on your iPhone and iPod touch in an exciting kart adventure. Neko Entertainment and Eurocenter teamed up to bring the most console-quality like kart racer to the iPhone and iPod touch. The game features 12 fully animated drivers, 5 unique environments, high-quality sound tracks, crazy bonuses, grand prix and online battle mode.

Players that have received preview version of the game have given very good impressions and compared the game to the online mode of popular Mario Kart. The controls have been adapted to the iPhone and iPod touch platform by providing both tilt control with automatic acceleration as well as console-like controls with digital pad and kart drifting. Bonuses are simply activated by shaking the device.

For the first time the game series also includes an online Internet mode with online races and battle mode. With the instant-play feature the players always find other players to play with, and don't need to wait. This makes the online mode a true pick-up-and-play game which guarantees instant fun for the players. The developers are big fans of Mario Kart on Wii and worked hard on bringing the console game play to iPhone and iPod touch.
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