JoikuBoost - Multiplexing WiFi Tethering Software announced by Joikusoft

JoikuBoost - Multiplexing WiFi Tethering Software announced by Joikusoft
Joikusoft has announced a new innovative software solution called JoikuBoost (, which enhances the mobile internet connection speed of JoikuBoost-enabled devices. JoikuBoost improves mobile internet connection speed by wirelessly combining 3G data connections between multiple mobile phones in multiple operator 3G networks. The actual internet speed multiplies as the data bits transported in a JoikuBoost WiFi network simultaneously flow through multiple operator 3G networks. JoikuBoost bases on a new communications protocol developed by Joikusoft.
JoikuBoost looks for other JoikuBoost users within close proximity. With user permission, JoikuBoost aggregates the 3G data connections over WiFi and creates a larger, unified and shared bit pipe. Multiple JoikuBoost-enabled phones are able to join and create WiFi Share Hubs, providing the ability to create personal 4G Wifi networks over 3G with friends and associates, meanwhile forming an internet connection which boost the mobile internet user experience to a totally new level.
Beta Edition of JoikuBoost is available for free download through Joiku community site at The site also hosts an online discussion forum and help facility for JoikuBoost. Joikusoft welcomes beta user feedback of JoikuBoost for the final development phases of JoikuBoost to model actual use cases and final feature set.
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